World's Famous Chocolate Fundraiser for Brockett

Our most profitable fundraiser will start on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd!  We need YOU to help us make it a super success! Funds raised will go towards purchasing outdoor seating so teachers may have class outside and additional technology for classrooms!

We are offering a special incentive for parents who pick up boxes of chocolate on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd!  If you pick up two boxes of chocolate on Tuesday, Sept. 3rd, we will count the number of boxes sold as 3 boxes. You will have to pre-pay for one of the two boxes.  This will be an automatic guarantee that your child will receive the prize for 3 boxes sold - video game truck party!!!! We will also have cotton candy, photo booth, music and much, much more at the party!! You will then only have to sell one more box for the BIG prize - field trip to Urban Air!!  To sum up this deal, you get the prize for 3 boxes sold for selling 2 boxes.  You must pick up your boxes on Tuesday from 7:30 a.m. - 6:30 p.m. to get this deal!

If you choose not to sell chocolate but would like to make a donation, that would be great too!  Every $30 donated will count as a box of chocolate sold!  

Lastly, did you know many local businesses such as Walmart, Kroger and Walgreens will allow you to set up a table outside of their doors to sell chocolate?  

Dates for fundraiser: 9/3-9/20

Overview of prizes:

1 box - ice cream party

2 boxes - pizza and slime party

3 boxes - video game party w/ 80 ft. obstacle course, cotton candy, jump house and photo booth!!

4 boxes - Urban Air field trip

Top Sellers - 1st place - new game system and 2nd place $150 gift card!!!   

Top Selling Class - 5 lb. chocolate bar to split

You may pre-pay for boxes of chocolate online

Hopefully, we will see you on Tuesday to take advantage of this SUPER awesome deal - pick up 2 boxes to earn the prize for 3 boxes!

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