2021-22 PTA Board Needed

We need parents for our PTA Board!  As our 2020-21 school year is ending, our PTA board members are moving on. We are looking for the next best PTA board members. Without a PTA board, the school will not have Boo Hoo Breakfast, Fall Carnival, Holiday Shop, Daddy Daughter Dance, Mother Son Event, Teacher Appreciation Week, Concessions, teacher support, and end of the year shirts for 4th grade. Without a PTA board, there can not be a PTA presence at the school.

Being apart of PTA is being part of a family. You make new friends, help with growth of the school, teachers and students. I encourage you to take time and think about signing up for the 2021-22 PTA board.

Email ptabrockett@gmail.com to inquire about open positions.